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Sistership Circle Membership

When women gather, magic happens. Imagine what’s possible when women come together to celebrate and support one another … When a circle holds you in the light, you are far more likely to rise.  

"The circles of women around us weave invisble nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we are strong."


What is Sistership Circle?

To give every woman in the world the experience of real and authentic sisterhood where she is loved, accepted and celebrated as herself. Through the sisterhood, women gain confidence in being a woman, claim their feminine leadership and develop meaningful, deep relationships with other women.  Healing one sister wound at a time. 

Women’s circles are gaining popularity as women are re-embracing their power and looking for like-minded women.

Centuries ago, women used to gather in circle because they knew the power of the collective was greater than the individual. During the witch-hunting, circles dispersed and women lost touch with their power.

Now with the reemergence of circles, women are rediscovering what it means to be a woman, connecting with their womb, their voice and their value.  Circle is an inner and outer journey. It is an exploration of the self and our relationship with one another.

What makes Sistership Circle unique is our structure, curriculum and format. We learn how to truly listen to one another with the use of a tool called “Beaming.” We learn how to co-create and collaborate by practicing “Co-Creative Leadership.” We learn how to speak our truth with the use of tools such as “Withholds.”

In speaking our truth, we may bump up against challenges. Not all circles are rainbows and butterflies. Our circles are real and authentic. We give ourselves permission to go to the places we aren’t usually safe to explore. And that’s what helps us grow and be the change that we seek to create in the world.

Have you been looking for…

…a place that provides safety to create, love, dance, laugh, cry or just be

We Create Connection

In our circles, we create a sacred space where the conversations are authentic and the connection is nourishing to your soul..

We Speak Our Truths

We give one another permission to be real, vulnerable, and authentic. We claim our freedom of self-expression and gain confidence to speak our truth

We Listen to Each Other's Brilliance

We listen to one another with compassion, understanding and respect so we feel seen and heard.

What's Included in the Membership?

Sistership Gatherings

Access to Sistership gatherings via zoom calls to discuss the month's theme. Receive support and a safe space to create, love, dance, laugh, cry and be celebrated. All calls will be recorded and shared with members, if unable to attend the live circle.

Sistership Curriculum

Members will have access to the monthly themes.  Access to the Sistership's agreements, intentions and commitments worksheets.  The membership offers exclusive access to Shuprem Wellness 7-day Reflection Work journal for futher personal and spiritual development. The resources will be your very first step in the membership to build a solid inner foundation.

Sistership Community

All members will receive the benefit of sharing a safe space with other women in a private online community.  Access to exclusive discounts with affiliated businesses and selected programmes and retreats with Shuprem Wellness and Sistership Circle. 




Online calls once a month 


monthly themed circles 

7-day Reflection Work

Monthly reflection work journal for deeper personal development


Private online community to share with other members


Special rates on selected Shuprem Wellness and Sistership Circle products/events/programmes

*3 month minimum commitment

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Welcome to Sistership!

Sistership Circle's mission is to support and spread the circle movement across the globe.  We aim to collectively create 1 million circles…
When we create a circle that is both sacred and safe, then magic and transformation can occur.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, women's circle pioneer said,

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Sistership Circle Monthly Membership

£11.11 / month
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Who is this membership for?

If you’re a woman that is seeking a real authentic sisterhood, where connections, support and a safe space to speak truths is paramount to you.  This membership is for you if you are looking for a consistent affordable circle where you can deepen your personal and spiritual development.  I invite you to subscribe for 3 months. 

How do we receive the content?

All of Sistership Circle content will be emailed every month outlining the month's theme.  Our live calls will take place monthly via Zoom. Daily dialogue, support, and community will happen in our private Facebook group.

How do I access the live calls?

After joining, members will receive an email with the call dates plus a link that directs them to where our calls will take place. 

What is the payment structure?

The Sistership Circle membership is currently £11.11/mo at the Founders Rate until 21/03/2021. To experience all that this program has for you, I ask that you begin your membership with a 3-month minimum. After that requirement is fulfilled, your membership is month-to-month, and you’re free to cancel anytime. There are no long-term contracts. However, I’m convinced you’ll continue to stay and benefit from the monthly themed gatherings and energy of the community! Rates will go up to £22.22/mo in March 2021. 

What do I get in this membership?

You’ll receive live monthly themed gatherings. Emails and content relating to the month's theme. Sistership Circle intentions, agreements and commtiments worksheets.  Access to a private community of women who are on a similar path as you.  Shuprem Wellness exclusive 7-day Reflection Work journal.  The journal was created specifically for this membership. Discounts on selected programmes, retreats, products, services with Shuprem Wellness, Sistership Circle and all affiliated businesses. 

What is the refund policy?

Because I’ve priced the Sistership membership at an affordable rate with a cancel-at-anytime feature, there are no refunds available once you’ve paid your monthly fee.