Sacred Woman

A Sacred Woman weaves ritual into her womanhood.  She is in full bloom.  The intention is support her while she leans into the ancient, primal power that emerges.

"She remembered who she was and the game changed"

Lalah Deliah


The Shame Series

The Shame Series 8 week program is for woman to unpack and share stories with one another in sacred circle.
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Sistership Circles

Participate in circle sharing, activities and meditations that will leave feeling grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present. Experience the magic that happens when women gather, take time for yourself and fill your cup.
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Womb Circles

Interactive circle for women who want to reconnect and awaken their full potential. These womb circles will host other Wholistic Practitioners to share their wisdom and experiences. Running from Spring Equinox to Winter Solstice, every month on or after the New Moon.
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