The Humble Beginnings

The word Shuprem has her own story.  She was birthed and gifted to me by a beautiful man called Sematawi from RebuYogi.  I had just birthed a travel agency business and needed a name.  I said, "Sematawi would you be able to help me with a name for my new travel business."  He said, "Call it ShuPrem Travel.  Shu is the deity of Air and Prem is your name.  ShuPrem."  I was like yeah, I feel that....

This is Me, ShuPrem...

As my own learning developed, the name ShuPrem evolved into something more universal.
Shu represents Father Sky/As Above/Masculine.
Prem represents Mother Earth/So Below/Feminine.

My first name in yoruba means primodial.  Going back to its origin state.  The MerKaBa or Metatron is the coming together of the masculine (lines) and the feminine (circles) energies.  It's the unification of both energies coming together to create ONENESS.  SHUPREM WELLNESS is all about ONENESS IN WELLNESS.  There's an invitation to bring the mind, body and spirit back to the middle, back to Ma'at, back to equilibrium. 
ShuPrem Wellness is here to support you in finding your authenticity, your truths and your self.  That is ShuPrem Wellness