Creativity Flows Through Me by Shuprem Wellness

Creativity Flows Through Me

Starts Oct 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM BST

In this month's womb circle we will explore how creativity can empower ourselves and our lives through our womb, the Seat of Creation.  We will introduce the ancient practice of womb steaming, its benefits and why it's important to include it in your self care ritual.  Astrological insights and an embodiment practice to connect with our mind, body and spirit.  Let's talk about S.E.X (Sacred Energy eXchange.)

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the womb of creativity, a portal of power, passion and authenticity?

Shuprem Wellness invites you to 'Creativity Flows Through Me’ interactive circle for womxn who want to reconnect and awaken their full potential with Prema Sandy, Visionary & Director of Shuprem Wellness, alongside Emma Ako, Founder of Mama Luna, and other Practitioners.   Our online circle introduces the ancient practice of womb steaming, its benefits and why it's important to include it in your self care ritual. 

We want to EMPOWER YOU with knowledge on Womb Steaming and practical advice on how to steam your womb in the comfort of your own home.

We want to SUPPORT YOU by providing a safe space to innerstand and learn this ancient practice.

We want to VALUE YOU by offering a relaxed and intimate setting with your throne and herbs.  You won’t need to do anything but be present and open minded. 

Why the Womb?

The womb, also known as yoni, is the portal to all creation.   Yoni is the Sanskrit word for 'womb.  It is used interchangeable.  This is where the creative energy/sexual energy resides.  Your power, passion and purpose is first seeded in this space.  It is the second chakra called the Sacral.  The Womb isn't limited to JUST procreation but births all expression.  Whether that is singing, writing, dancing, inventions, businesses, projects.  The womb is the centre point for life, for manifestation.  Once we, as women, reconnect and awaken that power force within the womb, we tap into our wisdom, our own unique blueprint and purpose. We have the potential to create a new paradigm, a new world and the ability to change the status quo.  

What we will explore?

  • What is Womb Steaming
  • The Benefits of Womb Steaming
  • Why Womb Steaming is important 
  • How to potentially access your creative flow by using Womb Steaming 
  • A pratical demonstration on how to use your Mama Luna Yoni Steam Chair and the herbs
  • Embodiment Session
  • Tips on Womb Care
  • The Moon and its Cycle
  • Astrological insights for the month

By reconnecting with your sacral energy centre you:

  • TAP into your creative energy
  • ACCESS your own unique blueprint
  • HEAL unresolved traumas and balance the masculine energy
  • OPEN to unconditional love for self and others
  • SPEAK your truths unapologetically
  • And more...


"I attended a sister steam circle co hosted by Prema and she brought all the vibes!  Her wisdom, care and creativity comes from a powerful and authentic place.  I felt safe, held and like I could bring all of myself because she had the courage to bring all of herself.  I loved the ritual she facilitated to open the circle, it brought the group into alignment.  I would definitely work with this powerful sister again."

About Me

Hi Beautiful, I am Prema the Co-Creator and Director of Shuprem Wellness.  

My purpose and calling is to be the Gatekeeper and Facilitator for young girls and women in living their true creative expression within the lives. 

My passion for ancient traditions has led me to delve into the wisdom of Kemetic Cosmology and Pleaidian teachings.  I'm a Spiritual Pediatrician and a Doula.  I help womxn give birth to their dreams and visions.  I am a Sistership Circle Facilitator


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Any questions please email or message us right here using the instant messenger!

If I can't make the online gathering, for whatever reason, can I send someone in my place?

Yes, you can send some one in your place, the more people know about this the better.  As this gathering is catered for womb care, we only allow those who carry a womb, for now, into this space.  Please let us know the person's name who will be taking your place, so we can welcome them in.  Please forward your full name and email address. No refund will be given.  

What is your refund policy?

As long as you notify us by Monday 19th October 2020, we will refund the payment made to attend the gathering.  We would like to feel, if you made an additional donation to support a local organisation, you would honour that and allow us to gift it to our chosen project.  However, if you prefer that to be refunded we will refund that back to you as well. 

So... Who is Shuprem Wellness?

Shuprem Wellness is a local based company that's passionate about living an authentic life through wholistic teachings.  Hosting gatherings and events for young girls and women.

Where can I find Shuprem Wellness?

As a new start up business, we are growing organically.  You can find us on Facebook and Instagram where we share inspirational quotes, articles pertaining to wellness, offers, discounts from our affiliated businesses, workshops and job opportunities.  If you want to join our mailing list, subscribe to our newsletter!