Shuprem Wellness

Shuprem Wellness is passionate about living an authentic life through wholistic teachings. Hosting gatherings and events for young girls and women.  


"Prema is a magical mystical mama who has supported me in stepping into my power and up in my business on so many levels. I would highly recommend connecting with her to benefit from the powerful webs she weaves."
Hannah Borababy
"Prema is the holder of impeccable space.  You are unquestionably held with safety and love.  Her wisdom is ancient, her presence authentic and her humanness so sweet and so beautiful.  I am truly grateful for her medicine and her wisdom."
Louise Carron Harris

Our Offerings

Sacred Maiden

The transition is for adolescent girls into womanhood. The intention is to witness, celebrate and welcome in this new stage of her life.
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Sacred Woman

A Sacred Woman weaves ritual into her womanhood.  She is in full bloom.  The intention is support her while she leans into the ancient, primal power that emerges.
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If you want to go far, go together is our mantra.  Our events are created to celebrate women's achievements with speakers, live music and good food on the day.  Women celebrating women.  
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Our Philosophy

We, women, are the physical manifestation of lifeforce energy.  We, carry nations in our wombs. That is who YOU are.  That is who WE are.  We are Sacred Women.

No Sister Left Behind

At Shuprem Wellness we strongly believe that all women should feel supported, lifted up and celebrated for their true self.  The Sisterhood is stronger when women are together.

The Power is in Circle

A space for women to heal the minds, hearts and wombs.  A space where women come to affirm their power to heal themselves and others through their stories.